Currently Working On...

Currently Working On...

3D Printing

For an additive manufacturing class, I borrowed an FDM 3D printer (Ender 3) which I set up in my room.

My classwork involved running several quality tests on the printer, including printing the same part with varied settings and carefully measuring the results.

Outside of class, I’ve worked on several creative projects.


I wanted to create a tagged bracelet for use in a live action role playing game, and had access to chain and clasps. This project was severely limited in time: I started the project half an hour before needing to leave for the game. I CADded the tag I wanted to make in OnShape, then started a print, which was supposed to take five minutes. Halfway through the print I realized I had misjudged the size of tag I wanted, and so I adjusted the CAD and started a new print as soon as the previous had finished. I threaded the tag onto the chain and attached a clasp; the finished project from raw material to bracelet took almost exactly half an hour.

Phone Holster

This most recent project is a phone holster designed to hold my phone on my hip. I CADded the plastic piece in OnShape, then printed it on the FDM printer.

Then, I attached chain and clasps so that it would fit around my body.