2.009: Product Design

2.009: Product Design

2.009: Product Design

The MIT Mechanical Engineer senior year capstone class is best known as 2.009. For the September-December 2022 semester, I worked on the Pink Team to design a product and present it at the end of the year.

The 2022 Pink Team worked to combat a problem created by global warming: as the sex of sea turtles is determined by the temperature of the sand they are hatched in, rising global temperatures have shifted the sex ratio of sea turtles such that over 90% are born female every year. Our final product, Ashore, is designed to be deployed around the nest in the sand, as to not disturb the sea turtles while they incubate and hatch, and uses a water jacket to cool the nest to produce male sea turtles.

Below, you can see the instagram account for the Pink Team, followed by a timeline of our journey from ideation to final presentation.

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Stage 1: Idea Presentation

I worked on this concept for the Six Ideas presentation:

This is the concept that ended up being our final choice:

Stage 2: Mockup Review

Here is a PDF of our slides for the Mockup Review; I presented for the expandable shoe subteam:

Stage 3: Assembly Review

The product contract for our final idea was generated at this stage:

Stage 4: Technical Review

I worked on the testbed creation team to make this box, which holds 1,270 kgs of sand in a cubic meter of space.

Stage 5: Final Presentation

After Technical Review, we finished the functioning alpha prototype of our project and presented it on the 2.009 stage.

We created a brochure for the product as well:

The final presentations were webcast on the 2022 Move site.